Welding Machinery

Welding Machinery
Machine Size 100mm to 1000mm
Welding structure Round & Straight Welding Fixture
Capacity 0.5 mm to 2 mm
System Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Gearing
Body M.S Plate Fabricated body
Motor A.C Control Panel
  Sizes May Vary as per requirement
We offer Seam Welding Machine that is available in different sizes and that too at highly affordable prices. The Seam Welding Machine once installed requires very low maintenance and is durable in nature as well. Moreover, we are one of the eminent Manufacturers of Seam elding Machine.

Technical Specifications
Aluminium 1–10 mm
Machine Speed max 500mm/min
Welding speed max 50mm/min
Welding Length(X Axis) 500mm
Welding Width(Y Axis) 400mm
Down Force 25 Kn
Total Power (Max.) 12 H.P
Mains 440 V,3 Phase
Cooling Pump 0.5 H.P
    This Machine consist of the following:-
    • Sturdy basic framework to be mounted on the floor
    • Machine will have three Axis (X ,Y & Z) plus spindle rotation in clockwise and anti-clockwise
    • The working area is according to the plate size 500mm x 300mm x thickness of the job
    • Welding with a set lead angle (max 5 degree) should be possible using X axis
    • Variable speed control
    Machine should monitor following values during the Operation :-
    • Spindle Rpm 0–3500 rpm
    • Z–spindle force, if possible X &Y on spindle through load sensors
    • Feed Rate-mm / min (can be adjusted through Regulator)
    • Spindle Torque load(can be controlled through Regulator)
  • Electric Panel Control Machine
  • A.C Drive Control
  • Stop controlling switch
  • X,Y &Z Axis push button
  • Switch Button for spindle rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  • X,Y & Z Axis inching controller switch
  • Emergency switch
  • Display screen for Weight load
  • Gear motor for X,Y & Z Axis
  • Simple & Sturdy design
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • C.I Casting Body & M.S Fabricated body